Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Cleaning

Reclaim & Recycling Systems

We offer the very best mechanical filtration systems designed for the high pressure cleaning industry. Many are totally automated using a digital sequencer to monitor and control the system’s functions including filtration, recirculation, filter backwash and sludge discharge.

Other units feature a unique blend of mechanical filtration and bioremediation technology for highly effective wastewater treatment especially in waste hauling and landfill operations.

Wastewater Evaporators

We offer several models of evaporators that use the conventional hot-plate technology with a unique high-efficiency combustion chamber to dispense up to 95% of a waste stream so only 5% has to be hauled off. There are three models capable of evaporating wastewater at 8, 15 and 30 gallon an hour.

We also can provide you with the high-efficiency evaporator that uses submerged combustion technology. It works by forcing heat through a submerged tube and releasing it directly into the water for 100% heat exchanger efficiency and dramatic operations and energy cost savings. Two models process waste streams at 60 or 120 gallons per hour.


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