Tandem Surfline


The Tandem Surfline provides an exceptional wash experience incorporating an overhead design that creates a wide-open, easy-to-use wash bay. No other friction machine navigates around the vehicle as precisely as the Tandem Surfline, which ensures complete and optimal cleaning coverage for a wide variety of vehicle types. With the widest top brush coverage in the industry, the foam brushes are torque sensitive to monitor the contour of the vehicle and provide low-force cleaning power. The side-profiling, high-pressure wash arms effectively remove stubborn soil from the vehicle's surface. Plus, the three-stage wheel cleaning system includes chemical application, rotating soft rim scrubbers and high-pressure wheel blasters.

Key Features:

  • Increased throughput with a fast, efficient cleaning process
  • Two Bridge, Two Brush Design
  • Integrated FlashDry®
  • Virtual Treadle® bay loading
  • Slip-Free Belt Drive
  • More Services - Chemical Wheel/Tire Applicators, Front Bug Prep, 3X Foam, Super Sealant, Rain Rinse Arch, OverGlow Hi-Gloss Application System
  • Tankless Operation
  • Aircraft-Grade Anodized Aluminum Bridge and Main Rails
  • Non-corrosive materials used – stainless and aluminum
  • New low-/high-pressure pump design improves functionality and lowers maintenance costs
  • Second side brush for improved cleaning efficiency

You can't get clean if you don't get WET!®